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Based on the information provided in our Services section, please take a few minutes to provide us with as many relevant details below to assist us in making as accurate a preliminary assessment of your situation as possible. This includes (but is not limited to) details of the inquirer's

  • current location & present status in Canada
  • employment (current situation and history)
  • time spent in Canada
  • relationship to Canadian family member
  • Decision/Order recieved from Canadian Immigration
  • hearing/review/interview date(s) set by Canadian Immigration

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6. Please provide us with as many relevant details as possible about your situation that may assist us.

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Thank you for providing us with your information. Please follow the verification instructions on the right and click "Submit" to send your information to us so that we can review your situation. Once we have reviewed your information, one of our experienced Immigration Professionals will contact you using the information you have provided us.

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